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The Investors First Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

Our guest today is Eric Sim. The header on his LinkedIn profile shows a banker, lecturer, speaker and writer, but he is actually much more. Eric is a proponent of the portfolio career, a topic for which he has become a thought leader and the most followed CFA charter holder globally with almost 3 million followers on LinkedIn. Based in Singapore, Eric reached the pinnacle of his career as a Managing director at UBS Investment Bank. He quickly realized that he could offer the world much more than being an investment banker and left his position at UBS. From there, he embarked on the portfolio career, founding the Institute of life, becoming a professor, a prominent speaker and now a global thought leader teaching others how to have a portfolio career of their own.

In today’s episode, we start with Eric’s personal journey, how small actions can lead to big returns and the relevance of personal branding for anyone at any stage in their career. We then dive into details and tactics of personal branding, followed by a discussion on the three sources of capital (financial, human, and social) and the outsized returns that can be generated by investing in social capital.

Our hosts today are Steve Curley, CFA and Marina Hayes, CFA. Please enjoy the episode.

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