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The Investors First Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Our guest today is Professor Tamar Frankel, a long-time member of the Boston University School of Law faculty who writes and teaches in the areas of fiduciary law, corporate governance, mutual funds and the regulation of the financial system. In 2013, the Institute for Fiduciary Standard established the annual Frankel Fiduciary Prize in her honor to award individuals who advance fiduciary principles. WealthManagerWeb has named her among the 50 Top Women in Wealth Management.

In today’s episode, Tamar explains what led her to spend her career focusing on fiduciary law and what it means to be a fiduciary. We talk about conflicts of interest within the advisory space and what regulatory suggestions she has to help eliminate them. We spend a lot of time around soft topics like trust, honesty and kindness and why we would all benefit more if we focused more on those.


Today’s episode is hosted by Chris Cannon, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at FirsTrust and board member for CFA Society of Orlando.

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