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The Investors First Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Our guest today is Stuart Lucas, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Strategist Partners, a firm that advises complex family enterprises. He also co-founded the University of Chicago's Private Wealth Management program, now in its fourteenth year.

Our conversation today focuses on his book, The Taxable Investor’s Manifesto: Wealth Management Strategies to Last a Lifetime. We discuss why investors typically treat taxes as an afterthought, his analogy of taxable and non-taxable investors playing the same game by two different rules, what his thoughts are about how to position your portfolio based on a possible Biden victory in November, and how he perceives the different alternative investments from a tax perspective. 

Our local co-host today is Steve Curley, CFA, CIO of WaterOak Advisors and current President of the CFA Society of Orlando. Please enjoy the episode. 

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