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The Investors First Podcast

Mar 5, 2020

Our two guests today are Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management and host of the Invest Like the Best podcast, and Steve Curley, Chief Investment Officer of WaterOak Advisors and President of the CFA Society of Orlando. 

Patrick discusses the recent talk he gave at the 2020 Annual Forecast Dinner and why we all need to avoid becoming “yellow-blazers,” along with other mistakes he frequently sees investors make. We hope you enjoy. 

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0:38 —  Colby Donovan and Steve Curley introduce the podcast

3:03 — Introduce Patrick O’Shaughnessy 

4:51 — Patrick tells his “Trail Magic” story

9:10 — General mistakes Patrick sees in the investment industry

11:24 — Advice for newly minted CFA charterholders 

14:20 — Mistakes he made when he was younger trying to launch an internal hedge fund

16:30 — Entering the business during the 2008 financial crisis

17:55 — Why OSAM launched Canvas 

22:32 — How to handle being pitched private investments

24:48 — How to create checks and balance system for when the market faces volatility [Gradual Improvements Go Unnoticed]

27:22 — What is the most egregious thing that you have seen in the investment management industry over the course of your career?