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The Investors First Podcast

Dec 2, 2021

Our guest today is Drew Dickson, founder of Albert Bridge Capital and CIO of the Alpha Europe funds.

Our conversation today focuses on Drew’s application of behavioral finance and fundamental analysis. We start with his time at the University of Chicago and learning from people like Merton Miller, Gene Fama and Richard Thaler, and then hear how he applies those behavioral principles when analyzing the market today. We talk about the valuation differences between the US and Europe, and then specifically the differences between value and growth in both regions, and get his thoughts on some of the speculation we’re seeing in the market today.

As we wind down, we talk about some of Drew’s posts about the intersection of investing and sports. We cover James Harden & the paradox of skill and Rick Barry and being willing to look different.

Our co-hosts today are Frank Garcia, CFA, and Colby Donovan. Please enjoy the episode. 

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Drew’s Writing

James Harden and Alpha

Bill Sharpe and Hank Aaron

Rick Barry and Lewis Carroll

A Memo to Investors

Should Europe Be Cheap


Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast on Rick Barry: The Big Man Can’t Shoot