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The Investors First Podcast

Sep 10, 2020

Our guest today is Christine Benz, Morningstar's Director of Personal Finance and recently named one of Barron's 100 Most Influential Women in Finance.

As so many people have been put into tough financial circumstances due to COVID, the topic of personal finance is more important than ever. In this episode, we discuss Americans' lack of retirement preparedness, the need for more personal finance education for the demographic advisors don't serve, what she thinks young investors will learn from trading on Robinhood, and if the future of the 60/40 portfolio is dead.

Our local co-host today is Steve Curley, CIO of WaterOak Advisors and current President of the CFA Society of Orlando. Please enjoy the episode. 

You can follow Christine on Twitter @christine_benz, read her work here, and subscribe to her podcast, The Long View.

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